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Estate Probate

When we probate an estate, we legally administer the estate of a deceased person to resolve all claims and distribute the deceased person’s property under the directions of the will. Our attorneys and experienced paralegals will guide you through this process. This can be a difficult time and we will keep you informed as events unfold. If the decedent left a will, it will state who has been appointed executor or executrix. If there was no will, one of the heirs will petition the court to administer the estate. We will assist you with all of the necessary steps of the process. During the probate process we will:

  • Open the estate
  • Locate and value the decedent’s assets
  • Deal with creditor issues
  • Coordinate with all beneficiaries
  • Prepare probate documents for the Register of Wills
  • File state and federal estate and fiduciary income tax returns
  • Distribute the estate.


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