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Business Transactions


In the event that one business owner reaches an impasse with the other owner (s) of the business, we can represent that individual with regard to resolving the impasse, exiting the business, or encouraging one or more of the other business owners to exit the business. We can also represent one business that is in a dispute with another business.


Buying or Selling a Company

We can help an individual or group of individuals buy or sell a company. We have extensive experience in preparing Stock Purchase Agreements for the purchase of ownership in the business or Asset Purchase Agreements for the purchase of, typically, substantially all of the assets in a business. We can work with you to understand the liability and tax consequences of each of these two approaches to acquiring a business. We can also prepare all of the ancillary documents that accompany the purchase of stock or assets, which typically govern the business relationship with employees, suppliers, customers, as well as any other important relationships to which the business entity is a party.

Relationship Among Owners of the Business

It is important that a business entity with two or more owners have a written understanding of the relationship between and among the owners. This will prevent, among many other serious problems, a deadlock in the event that the owners of the business cannot agree with regard to a critically important business decision. In this capacity, we will draft a Shareholders’ Agreement (for corporations), a Partnership Agreement (for Partnerships), or an Operating Agreement (for LLCs) to ensure that the business owners have properly documented the relationship among themselves that they desire.


We can help you with the important decision of what type of entity you should form. We will provide expertise regarding the various forms of corporation, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC) that are available under Delaware law. We can discuss with you the Pros and Cons of retaining our firm to serve as your Agent for Service of Process. We can work with your accountant to make sure you procure all of the necessary business licenses that your venture requires.

We have extensive experience with Business Law. This includes everything from incorporating a business, to drafting contracts that help the business grow, buying or selling the business, or winding the business down. We can explain the implications of each business decision on the business owners as well as on the business itself.

We can provide legal expertise to help with Incorporations, Relationship Among Owners of the Business, Buying or Selling a Company, or Disputes.